Can I carry alcohol in Lucknow metro?

Is it allowed to carry liquor in train?

A person can carry alcohol on a train but the person is not allowed to drink or show openly. If a person is carrying alcohol on a train then the quantity of the alcohol should not exceed the limit which is two litres, and the bottle of alcohol should be completely sealed and should be covered.

How much luggage is allowed in Lucknow Metro?

How much weight is allowed with a person while travelling on Lucknow Metro? Luggage up to a maximum weight of 15 Kg and dimensions of up to 60 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm is permitted with a commuter. 51.

Can I carry lighter in metro?

The Delhi government has issued a strict compliance notice to the DMRC, asking it to prohibit passengers from carrying matchboxes and lighters in metro trains and on station premises as it “promotes smoking”. … A commuter is now allowed to carry one matchbox and one lighter in metro trains and on station premises.

Can we carry alcohol in flight?

Passengers may carry upto 5 Liters of alcoholic beverages as part of their checked-in baggage, provided the following conditions are met: The alcoholic beverage is in retail packaging and is packed appropriately (to prevent damage / leakage). Alcohol content in the beverage is not more than 70%.

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What are the do’s and don’ts of railway journey?


  • Don’t use passenger alarm between stops unless it’s a real emergency.
  • Do not block train doors while standing in front of door.
  • Do not play music speakers on the train or at station.
  • Do not lean on door.
  • Do not talk loudly.
  • Do not sit on the floor of the train.
  • Do not spit or write on the wall of car/gangway.

Is token available in Lucknow Metro?

Lucknow Metro train operate from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM. 2. What types of fare media are available? Three types of fare media are available; Single Journey Tokens, GoSmart cards and Tourist Cards.

Can I carry alcohol in Delhi Metro?

Can I carry alcohol in Delhi Metro? The Delhi Metro has banned spirits and inflammable liquids in all forms, including sealed liquor bottles, objects such as knives, cutleries, cleavers and animals of any kind in its trains in Delhi and NCR.

Can we take matchbox in Metro?

Lighters and matchboxes are off the restricted items list for Metro travel in Delhi. And women can now carry a small knife for self-protection. “Apart from one lighter and one matchbox per passenger, we have also allowed passengers to carry tools. …

Can we take cigarette in Metro?

The BMRCL allows the carrying of cigarettes and alcohol on trains; however, smoking and consuming alcohol on board and at stations is strictly prohibited. … Urban expert Ashwin Mahesh said, “What the BMRCL should do is provide bicycles on rent at metro stations.

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Can I carry cash in train?

PATNA: Train passengers have been advised to carry proper documents of the cash they are carrying, if the amount is more than Rs 50,000.

Can I carry 40 inch LED in train?

In the sleeper class the free allowance is 40 kgs and maximum quantity allowed is 80kgs where as in AC 2 Tier it’s 50kgs and 100 kgs respectively. Considering the size and safety, I would suggest to carry it in AC 2 Tier, provided the dimensions are within the permissible limits.

Is empty gas cylinder allowed in train?

In trains, mostly luggage travel with the passengers only. … Dangerous inflammable articles are strictly prohibited and one cannot carry them while they are riding a train. Things like acids, empty or full gas cylinders and dead poultry all are strictly prohibited by the railway authorities.