Is 2015 a good year for wine in France?

Was 2015 a good year for Bordeaux wines?

The 2015 vintage is the second excellent year in a row following the quietly successful 2014—and it’s positioned just ahead of the potentially classic 2016 and promising 2017. Growing conditions in 2015 were ideal for ripening Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, Bordeaux’s leading red grapes.

Was 2015 a good year for Burgundy?

Burgundy enjoyed an extraordinary 2015 vintage. A mild winter and spring meant flowering was both early and successful laying the foundation for a healthy crop. Early summer saw some rain but by July, conditions were dry and temperatures were fierce, with brutal heat spikes.

What are the best years for French wines?

Top 10 vintages you must try in French wines

  • 1947. 1947 is for me, probably the vintage of the century ! …
  • 1959. The vintage 1959 is regarded, for the wines of France, as one of the best ever produced. …
  • 1982. …
  • 1989. …
  • 1990. …
  • 1996. …
  • 2005. …
  • 2009.

Can you drink 2015 Bordeaux?

The 2015 vintage of claret (red Bordeaux) will not be ready to drink for three or four years – and not for 10 years or more in the case of the leading and most expensive châteaux.

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Was 2015 a good year for Medoc?

Best appellations

While Spurrier said there were great wines across the board, calling 2015 ‘quite a homogenous vintage’, he picked out Margaux and St-Estèphe for special praise. ‘Margaux was the driest and therefore had the best shot,’ he said. ‘I’m very impressed with Margaux.

Was 2015 a good year for Margaux?

The style of the 2015 Margaux wines really works for me. At their best the wines display a beautiful sense of purity of fruit, freshness, concentration, silky tannins and length. They are aromatic, age worthy, complex and most importantly, they are exciting to taste!

Is 2020 a good year for Burgundy?

The Quality of the 2020 Burgundy Harvest

The 2020 Burgundy vintage report is, on the whole, optimistic; however, the quality of this vintage will vary from vineyard to vineyard, even within the same subregion, due to the sporadic distribution of annual rainfall.

Is 2016 a good year for Burgundy?

Overall, the harvest was extremely small – for some it was the tiniest on record – but the grapes that survived the frosts and rot were generally of exceptionally high quality. Many accounts proclaim Burgundy 2016 to be a very classic vintage, one renowned for its balance and poise.

What are good years for Burgundy?

In the white corner, the best Burgundy vintages are considered to be the 2005, 2008, 2010 and 2014, with the 2014 likely the best investment due to its aging potential for at least another 20 years. The success of the 2005 means it was a great year for both red and white, so if all else fails, keep this year in mind.

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What is the best year for wine?

2009 was a warm, generous year which produced grapes that were in perfect health. The best of the 2009 vintage was picked later in the harvest and as such, were much more complex. If 2012 is considered the best vintage so far of this decade, the 2008 vintage has to be the second best.

Was 2020 a good year for wine?

2020 was a lousy year for practically everyone, but it was a fantastic year for wine. … “It was a great year for making wine,” Kennedy says. “One of our French producers said that it was the second warmest spring in more than 100 years. It was a (fantastic) vintage, not just a memorable or historic vintage.”

What are the best years for Napa cabernet?

Critics and consumers alike have agreed that 2013 is one of the best vintages of Napa Cabernet in history. Click here to browse our inventory of California Cabernet from the 2013 Vintage! After two years of cooler weather in California, the 2012 vintage brought excellent growing conditions.