Is Bass beer still available?

What has happened to Bass beer?

The main brand was Bass Pale Ale, once the highest-selling beer in the UK. By 1877, Bass had become the largest brewery in the world, with an annual output of one million barrels.

Bass Brewery.

Founder William Bass
Fate Brewing operations sold to Molson Coors. Hospitality operations renamed Six Continents

Can you still buy Bass ale?

Across the planet today, pale ale brewers still ‘Burtonise’ their water to give it the unique mineral profile that made Bass so famous. Bass is being brewed right now under license in Burton, by Marston’s.

Is Bass ale a bitter?

Beer writer Martyn Cornell recounts his father’s experience in the 1950s, when he and his pals would occasionally drink Draught Bass as a treat. It was quite a bit more expensive than Ordinary Bitter. In 1951 Bass cost 19 pence (d) per pint while a standard Bitter was just 14d. Bass was a tricky beer to get right.

Is Bass beer vegan?

“Anheuser-Busch beers are brewed around the world using water, yeast, barley malt, hops and cereal grains (such as rice, corn, or sorghum).

Bass is Vegan Friendly.

by Anheuser-Busch
Address: One Busch Place St. Louis, MO, 63118 USA
Checked by: Jason, a certified beer school instructor for the company.

Is Bass Pale Ale Good?

It tastes better than brown ales. This taste better than Rolling Rock Pale Ale too. English love their bitter ales and this is one of them. There are better Ales in England I know that, but this one is good enough to take a footing in American pubs.

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