Quick Answer: Is beer delivery legal in PA?

Can you have beer delivered in PA?

Licensed breweries can sell you beer to drink there or to go (or products from other Pennsylvania-licensed producers to drink there), according to the Pennsylvania State Police. You can also have beer shipped or delivered to your home or business.

Can you ship alcohol from Pennsylvania?

ALLOWED. Pennsylvania only recently relaxed its alcohol shipping laws in 2016 – yet is still the 11th largest market for alcohol delivery. You will need to become compliant for mailing alcohol to consumers in Pennsylvania, as well as be aware of local and city laws.

Can you Doordash beer in PA?

Pennsylvania has some weird alcohol laws. Oh, and you can only buy six-packs of beer from restaurants. … And, as it turns out, there’s no rule on the books that prohibits restaurants that sell beer and also offer food delivery from delivering six- or twelve-packs of beer.

Can I have alcohol delivered to my house?

With Drizly, you can get your favorite wine, beer, or liquor delivered to you in 1-hour. The way it works is that you actually shop across liquor stores in your area. Then you just order what you want, and wait for it to arrive. Or if you don’t want to wait for it to be delivered, just pick it up!

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Can I get wine delivered in PA?

Direct Shipping of Wine to Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania residents may receive up to 36 cases (up to nine liters per case) per year of wine shipped by a wine producer licensed by the PLCB as a direct wine shipper. The 36-case annual limit is per direct wine shipper, and wine may be shipped to home or business addresses.

Will USPS know if I ship alcohol?

USPS Judges Boxes by Their Labels

Heads up: USPS will deny your shipment if your package has any labeling or branding that shows it MIGHT carry alcohol!

Can I ship whiskey to PA?

But there are exceptions. One in particular is a specific UPS exception within the state of Pennsylvania, where liquor is sold and shipped to in-state consumers by the state’s government-run liquor authority, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB).

What app will bring me cigarettes?

Saucey is one of the only delivery services that delivers cigarettes and other tobacco products such as the Juul, Juul pods, cigars, chewing tobacco, rolling tobacco, rolling papers, nicotine gum, and lighters.

What app will deliver alcohol?

The smartphone app Drizly delivers beer, wine and liquor to your doorstep.

Will DoorDash deliver beer?

Customers of drinking age can toggle the alcohol tab on the DoorDash app to order beer, wine and spirits from a selection of restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores and local retailers. The company said it will check the buyer’s ID in the app and during delivery.