Quick Answer: What time do they stop serving alcohol in Italy?

Can you buy alcohol at night in Italy?

Lombardy turns around on the ban on the sale of wine and spirits after 6 pm.

What are the drinking laws in Italy?

Drinking Laws — There is no legal drinking age in Italy in the sense that a young person of any age can legally consume alcohol, but a person must be 16 years old in order to be served alcohol in a restaurant or a bar.

Can you still buy alcohol in Italy?

It is possible to obtain alcohol almost everywhere in Italy if you are 18 or older. The most common drinks that you can find are beer and wine. Some places are: Grocery stores: Clearly, grocery stores are the most strict with alcoholic beverages.

Can you drink alcohol on the street in Italy?

This week, the mayor of the city banned drinking from glass containers on public streets after 10 p.m. After midnight, drinking on the street is banned entirely, regardless of the container. The sale of alcohol is forbidden after 2 am. Anyone who is caught violating the new law may face a fine of €150 (around $200).

Can you drink on the street in Florence?

Generally speaking, you can drink alcohol in public but there are restrictions in most important sites. Use common sense and avoid to drink a beer in front of Palazzo Vecchio.

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Can minors drink in Italy?

1) Minors (under the age of eighteen) buying and drinking alcohol in Italy. In Italy, minors are not allowed to buy alcohol, but they do not incur in any administrative penalty or criminal charges for drinking alcoholic beverages at home or in public, unless they are drunk.

Can you drink alcohol in Venice?

Venice has had a ban for some time on the consumption of food and alcohol except in parks; it is strictly enforced in St. Mark’s Square and not very strictly enforced in other places in Venice.