What beer is similar to a lager?

What modern beer styles are considered lager beers?

Lager Beer Styles

  • European All-malt Pilsener.
  • German Pilsner.
  • Bohemian Pilsner.
  • European-Style Pilsener.
  • German Licht.
  • Munchener Helles.

What is an example of a lager beer?

Lagers are a typical entry point into beer for new drinkers. Made with bottom fermenting yeast that has a lower tolerance to alcohol, lagers can taste light and a little malty. Classic lagers in America include Miller High Life, Coors, Budweiser and Yuengling.

Is Corona a lager?

Just don’t forget the limes! Corona Extra is a pilsner-style beer, a clean-tasting lager weighing in at 4.5%. It was first brewed in 1927 at Grupo Modelo brewery in Mexico City. … Today, it’s the most sold imported beer in the States.

What type of beer is Blue Moon?

Blue Moon Belgian White is a Belgian-style wheat ale produced in the U.S. by MillerCoors, and in Canada by Molson Coors.

What is the most popular lager beer?

1) Stella Artois

Taking the top spot as the number one selling beer is this 600-year-old Belgian lager. Internationally sold and recognized for its distinctive taste and even more distinctive glasses, it’s not surprising it led the pack by a wide margin. Stella Artois is a fantastic perennial beer to stock in your bar.

What are different types of lager?

Beer Types: 10 Lagers to Learn More About (And Their Ideal Food…

  • American Lager. A straw to gold color, American lagers are highly carbonated with a clean, crisp taste. …
  • Vienna Style Lager. …
  • Pilsner. …
  • Imperial Pilsner. …
  • California Common. …
  • Bock. …
  • Doppelbock. …
  • Maibock.
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Is Stella a lager?

With its wonderful floral aroma, well-balanced malt sweetness, crisp hop bitterness, and a soft dry finish, Stella Artois is the perfect beer to pair with food and friends. Winner of the 2019 World Beer Award for World’s Best International Lager.