What country has the most expensive liquor?

What is most expensive liquor in the world?

Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne – ($1.9 Million) This is one of the most expensive bottles of alcohol in the world because it’s one-hundred years old and comes in a twenty-four carat gold and sterling silver bottle that is covered in bling. The bottle is adorned with almost seven thousand diamonds.

What country has the best liquor?

Promise to drink responsibly and you can join us.

  1. Great Britain. While the Irish have one date to celebrate their country’s abiding love of alcohol, the British have three: yesterday, today and tomorrow.
  2. China. …
  3. Russia. …
  4. France. …
  5. Ecuador. …
  6. Moldova. …
  7. South Korea. …
  8. Uganda. …

What alcohol is $500 a shot?

Sub Zero’s New Vodka Will Cost You $500/Shot.

What is the number 1 selling spirit in the world?

Indian whisky, soju and RTDs dominate the annual Brand Champions list. Bottles of Jinro soju, the world’s best-selling spirit.

What tequila is $100 a shot?

Tequila comes from the agave plant; Don Julio Real comes from particular agaves that are from the Highlands region in Jalisco, Mexico. They are cooked in a brick oven and then distilled through a pot still to make the tequila. Don Julio Real goes for $100 per shot at Barrio.

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What liquor is America known for?

America’s national drink is probably rum.

What is Britain’s Favourite alcoholic drink?

WINE has overtaken beer as the UK’s favourite alcoholic tipple, a survey suggests. Eighty-one per cent of adults said they had drunk wine in the past year. This compared to 79 per cent who enjoyed beer and spirits.