What is full strength beer in Colorado?

What is a full strength beer?

A ‘standard drink’ is the measure of alcohol used to work out safe drinking levels. … One Australian standard drink is equal to approximately: 285 mL of full strength beer (4.8% alc. vol) 375mL of mid strength beer (3.5% alc.

Can you buy full strength beer in Colorado?

As of Jan. 1, Colorado’s 3.2 beer law — a restriction from the Prohibition era that prevented many supermarkets and convenience stores from selling full-strength beer — is no more. Now shoppers can now buy the golden brew while also checking off their grocery lists. “It’s like a one stop-shop,” said Sarah Heaney, 31.

Does Colorado only sell 3.2 beer?

For decades, Colorado limited full-strength beer sales to independently run liquor stores. Grocery and convenience stores could only sell beer with a maximum alcohol content of 3.2 percent. … With the 3.2 cap removed, grocery and convenience stores can now sell the craft brands that dominate in Colorado.

When did 3.2 bars close in Colorado?

At midnight on December 31, 2018, Colorado will finally say a bittersweet goodbye to 3.2 beer; a 2016 law that allows supermarkets to carry alcohol also signed the death knell for 3.2.

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Is Corona a full strength beer?

The 3.2% version of Corona Extra is the brand’s first foray in the growing mid-strength category, which now accounts for more than 23% of the local beer market. … Mid-strength beer has also attributed to 49% more dollars nationally in category growth than full strength.

Do they sell beer at grocery stores in Colorado?

The hours for beer sales in Colorado are from 8 a.m. to midnight at grocery stores. The order impacting bars and restaurants goes into effect Thursday and lasts for 30 days.

Can you buy beer at 18 in Colorado?

Anyone age 18 or older can sell beer in Colorado, beginning in 2019. Prior to the new year, liquor store employees must be 21 to sell beer. And, in case you’re wondering, the age to buy beer in Colorado remains 21.

Can you buy beer after midnight in Colorado?

Retail stores in Colorado sell spirits, wine, and beer. Grocery and convenience stores sell 3.2 percent beer only, and then not between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. Package stores are open 8 a.m. until midnight and are closed on Sundays. Bars stop selling alcohol between 2 a.m. and 7 a.m.

Can you buy beer on Sunday in Colorado?

DENVER, Colorado A new law took effect Sunday that makes it legal for stores to sell liquor, beer and wine on Sundays.