What percentage of the population do not drink alcohol?

What percentage of the population drinks alcohol?

Prevalence of Drinking: According to the 2019 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), 85.6 percent of people ages 18 and older reported that they drank alcohol at some point in their lifetime,1 69.5 percent reported that they drank in the past year,2 and 54.9 percent (59.1 percent of men in this age group and …

What percentage of the UK does not drink alcohol?

Proportion of adults who do not drink alcohol in England in 2019 by gender and age

Characteristic Men Women
16-24 years 26% 31%
25-34 years 15% 24%
35-44 years 18% 23%
45-54 years 17% 19%

What percentage of people drink alcohol in the UK?

In Great Britain, 57.0% of Opinions and Lifestyle Survey respondents aged 16 years and over in 2017 drank alcohol, which equates to 29.2 million people in the population.

What is the average age of death for an alcoholic?

People hospitalized with alcohol use disorder have an average life expectancy of 47–53 years (men) and 50–58 years (women) and die 24–28 years earlier than people in the general population.

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What race drinks the most alcohol?

According to the 2007 NSDUH, the prevalence rates of 30-day alcohol use and binge drinking in people aged 12–17 years were highest for Whites (alcohol use: 18.2 percent; binge drinking: 11.5 percent), followed by Hispanics (15.2 percent; 9.3 percent) and then Blacks (10.1 percent; 4.3 percent) and Asians (8.1 percent; …

Why is Britain obsessed with alcohol?

If you’ve ever wondered why we Brits are so famed for drinking too much – a new study might just have found the answer. According to data studied from 193 countries, those who live in cooler places with fewer daylight hours are much more likely to consume alcohol than those in sunnier and warmer climates.

How much does the average man drink?

You could take the straight-up national average of 556 drinks per year – which comes out to about 10 or 11 drinks per week. This number can be a little misleading, though; such is the nature of averages. Interestingly enough, thirty percent of American adults don’t drink at all.

How much does the average person spend on alcohol per year UK?

The average UK household spends £916 on alcohol each year, based on an average household size of 2.4 people—£484 for consumption at home and £432 on drinks out of the house.

Which county in the UK consumes the most alcohol?

Blackpool was named as the heaviest drinking town in the UK, with Sunderland and Middlesbrough also in the top three.

Which UK country drinks the most alcohol?

Using this definition, people in Scotland and England said they had got drunk on average more than 33 times in the last year. This was the highest rate of all 25 countries studied and more than twice the rate of several European countries, including Poland, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal.

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