Why is it called prisoner wine?

How did the prisoner wine get its name?

The Prisoner Label

Our brand name and namesake wine, The Prisoner, were inspired by the classic sketch Le Petit Prisonier by 19th century Spanish artist Francisco Goya.

Is Prisoner wine made by prisoners?

The brand doesn’t have a single vineyard where it grows its grapes. Instead, to source grapes for its blends, the brand turns to a variety of small-scale producers in California who grow unique varietals.

Can you age prisoner wine?

It’s a smooth sipper on its own with a lovely aroma and a nice blend of flavors. Do let it age a while before opening, however.

What does prisoner wine taste like?

It has an almost kind of cinnamon flavor to it along with the taste of blackberries – soooo good and perfect for winter vibes! And at only $15-$20 per bottle, it’s definitely worth a try and keeping it in your regular red wine rotation.

How much is a bottle of prisoner?

$49. The Prisoner Red Blend was inspired by the wines first made by the Italian immigrants who originally settled in Napa Valley.

How much did Phinney sell prisoner for?

In 2010 Phinney sold the Prisoner, at that time an 85,000-case brand, to Huneeus Vintners for $40 million. Huneeus grew the Prisoner’s production to 170,000 cases, then sold the brand to Constellation for $285 million – two months before Phinney sold Orin Swift.

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What wines does Dave Phinney make?


Dave Phinney produces wines under the California-based Orin Swift label (Abstract, Mannequin, Mercury Head, Papillon, Palermo and Veladora) and is a partner in a host of other winemaking projects abroad.

How much did the prisoner wine sell for?

for $285M.