Why is there a bump in my wine bottle?

What is the bubble in the bottom of a wine bottle for?

Glass can be slippery so having the punt in the bottom of the bottle gives the person pouring wine something to grip. The punt also diverts any sediment down into the ring along the base of the bottle. This design helps the wine drinker avoid those unsavory chunks in the wine glass.

Why is there a notch in the bottom of a Corona bottle?

There’s also sometimes a small indentation or notch on the back of a wine bottle, near the base or sometimes in the base itself, about the width of a drinking straw. It’s sometimes referred to as the “keyhole,” and it’s used to align bottles when their labels are being applied.

Why can’t wine bottles touch glass?

The neck of the bottle should never touch the glass when pouring a bottle of wine. It should fall through the air and into the glass. … Pouring a glass that is two-thirds to half full will allow the wine to aerate in the glass, enhancing the taste of the wine.

What side do you pour wine on?

Always pour from the guest’s right side. Finish each pour with a twisting motion and wipe the lip of the bottle to avoid dripping. Place the bottle to the right of the host with the label facing outwards and ask permission to remove the cork from the table.

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What is the first thing to check when opening a bottle of wine?

Sommelier is always the first to taste, so pour yourself a small amount of wine in the glass to check the smell and quality of the wine. If the wine is corked you would want to know that first, before pouring the wine to your guest’s wine glasses.