Best answer: Is it drunk or drunken?

Which is correct drunk or drunken?

Modern handbooks only recognize drunk as the past participle, so you will want to use the past drank and the past participle drunk in writing. … Another phrase you may have heard is “I have/had drunken too much,” as drunken was once a past participle of drink.

Is Drunken past tense?

Difference between DRANK and DRUNK

Drink is the present tense, drank is the simple past, and drunk is the past participle.

Will be drunk or will be drank?

The “future tense” of drink is will drink. The “future tense” of be drunk is will be drunk.

Is drunker grammatically correct?

According to Wiktionary, the comparative form of drunk is ‘drunker’, and the superlative form being ‘drunkest’. If the adjective were to have three syllables or more, then you would then use ‘more’, and ‘most’. So to answer your question, I would say, “I am now drunker, than before.”

When he is drunk meaning?

He’s drunk” (He is drunk) means he drank too much alcohol. ” He drank” is past tense for “He drinks”. His drink – “his” – belongs to him Drink – noun – like brandy or wine or cola.

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What is the meaning of drunken man?

adjective [ADJECTIVE noun] A drunken person is drunk or is frequently drunk.

Did you drink or drank?

drink is the simple present tense: “I drink the wine.” drank is the simple past tense: “I drank the wine yesterday.”

How do you play Drink drank drunk?

The cards come in 5 CATEGORIES

  1. Action cards take action the moment. they are picked up and then discarded.
  2. These cards can be kept secret and. used only once before being discarded.
  3. Placed in the centre of the table, …
  4. Placed visibly in front of. …
  5. Placed visibly in front of. …
  6. Wild Cards change what they do.

How drunk are you meaning?

If you consume so much alcohol that you become inebriated, you are drunk. … For the last 600 years or so, the word drunk has been used to describe someone who is intoxicated. Someone who’s drunk from alcohol might be unsteady on their feet, slur their speech, or not be able to think straight.

Which can be drunk?

Answer: potable is the answer.

Was drank in a sentence?

Drank sentence example. He drank hot tea from a glass. She ate the meat and drank some of the cool water. … No child ever drank deeper of the cup of bitterness than I did.