Can I buy alcohol on Easter Sunday in England?

Can alcohol be sold on Easter Sunday?

The law forbids most sales of alcohol on Good Friday and Easter Sunday, and while there are loopholes, they’re not exactly easy to jump through. … There is just one exception: wine made “on the premises” or “from produce harvested from land on which the premises are situated” can be sold on Easter Sunday.

Can you buy alcohol on Easter Sunday UK?

Typically, the permitted hours that licensed premises can sell alcohol during the Easter period are: … Easter Sunday – Licensed premises may only sell alcohol 12:30 – 22:00, even if they hold a late licence. Off-licences are not allowed to sell alcohol at all. Easter Monday and Tuesday- As usual.

Can I buy alcohol on Easter Sunday 2021?

It is forbidden to sell alcohol on Good Friday and Easter Sunday, unless it comes with a meal. This means you can drink at a bar if you’re also eating, but you can’t buy a six-pack from a liquor store.

What time can you buy alcohol on a Sunday in England?

This means the vast majority of stores opening hours on Sunday in England and Wales will be between 10am-4pm. Smaller stores can stay open for longer selling alcohol.

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Are off Licences open Good Friday 2020?

Are off licenses open? Yes, off licenses just like pubs are allowed sell alcohol on Good Friday and will be doing so for the most part. Big chains such as Tesco, Supervalu and the likes will be running on normal hours if you are considering heading for a few cans.

Can you buy wine on Good Friday?

The prohibition on the sale of alcohol on Good Friday was lifted in 2018, meaning pubs and shops could sell drinks on this day for the first time since 1927.

What time can I buy alcohol in Tesco?

In Tesco superstores, alcohol can be purchased at any time of day as they are licensed to sell alcohol for the entire 24hrs that they are open. In Tesco Express stores, you can buy alcohol from 8 am until the store closes at 11 pm.

What time can I buy alcohol in England?

Alcohol can be sold between the hours of 10am and 10pm. Even 24-hour supermarkets and off-licences cannot sell alcohol outside of these hours, unlike in England, where is can be sold at any time. On Sundays you cannot buy alcohol until 12.30pm.

Is Tesco selling alcohol on Good Friday?

Happy Good Friday!

You can purchase alcohol from 10.30am and 10pm on Good Friday and Easter Saturday, and from 12.30pm to 10.00pm on Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. So when are the likes of your local Lidl, Aldi, Dunnes, Tesco, and SuperValu open?

Can you buy alcohol Good Friday NZ?

Have the statutory conditions in s. 48 been applied to the licence? No alcohol is sold on or delivered from the premises on Good Friday, Christmas Day, or before 1pm on Anzac Day.

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