Can I use alcohol wipes to clean my laptop keyboard?

Can I clean my laptop with alcohol wipes?

All electronics should be unplugged, which includes your monitor. … Never spray alcohol or another liquid directly on your computer or laptop screen. Use another clean microfiber cloth with a small amount of 70%+ Isopropyl Alcohol or a 70%+ alcohol cleaning wipe. Wipe down your entire screen and be sure to get the edges.

Can I use disinfecting wipes on laptop keyboard?

Use Disinfectant Wipes

To sanitize your keyboard, gently run a disinfectant wipe along the surface of your keyboard. Then wipe it down with a soft cloth. If the disinfectant wipe is too wet, make sure you squeeze it out before you start using it.

Are Lysol wipes safe for laptops?

Most screens come with a thin outer film that can easily wear away when you use disinfectant wipes like Clorox or Lysol, so avoid using those products to clean your laptop. If you see a glossy finish on your laptop screen, do not use any cleaning agent on the display.

How do you sanitize a laptop?

Gently wipe the computer monitor to remove dirt and fingerprints. Avoid placing pressure on the screen. Pushing on the screen can damage the pixels of a flat-screen monitor. Sanitize the monitor by using a disinfectant wipe specifically designed for LCD and laptop screens.

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Can I use Lysol to clean my computer screen?

Wipe down the screen with a clean microfiber cloth to remove dust, scuffs, fingerprints, etc. Wring out a Lysol disinfecting wipe until it’s just slightly damp. Wipe down the screen with the Lysol wipe, taking care to avoid any ports, speakers, or other openings. Let the screen air dry.

What should I clean my computer screen with?

Microfiber is your best bet

With the right cloth or material, a cleaning substance may be completely unnecessary. Microfiber cloths are the best possible material to clean your PC with, since paper towels, household rags, and old T-shirts will scratch and damage your screen.