Can you bring your own alcohol to a restaurant in New York?

Can you bring your own alcohol to a restaurant in NY?

No, BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) is generally not legal in New York State. Applicants awaiting a liquor license may jeopardize their chances for approval for permitting such practices.

Can you bring your own wine to restaurants in New York?

BYOB spots are relatively rare in NYC – at least compared to other cities like Philadelphia and Chicago – but a lot of great restaurants here do allow you to bring your own wine as long as you’re willing to pay.

Does NYC Have BYOB?

Share All sharing options for: 15 Top NYC Restaurants Where You Can BYOB. New York City is filled with impressive wine lists curated by thoughtful sommeliers and beverage directors. But there are also plenty of exciting restaurants that welcome “outside bottles” of wine and beer at no cost.

How much is a liquor license in NY?

Off Premises

Liquor Store (L) $4,098 $200
Wine Store (W) $1,920 $100
Drug Store Beer (DS) $330 $100
Grocery Store Beer (A) $660 $100

Why are some restaurants BYOB?

One option for restaurants that don’t have liquor licenses is to allow patrons to bring in their own bottle. … BYOB restaurants attract these patrons because it gives them a chance to imbibe without paying a high markup for liquor. This boosts the number of meals served.

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Can you bring vodka to a BYOB?

In a typical BYOB restaurant, the eatery serves only non-alcoholic beverages and food. Guests can then bring their beer, liquor, or wine and pour their own alcoholic drinks. … Usually, restaurants may provide glassware but do not handle guests’ alcohol at all.

Is it OK to bring your own wine to a restaurant?

While most good restaurants allow diners to bring their own wine, some don’t, so the first step in deciding whether or not to bring your own bottle is to call ahead and ask if it’s allowed. … While a restaurant may allow you to bring your own wine, it is up to them to decide the fee they want to charge you to do so.

Is corkage fee legal?

Corkage fees are not mandated by law – they’re just something that restaurants can choose to charge. … Diners sometimes bring hard liquor, purchase mixers from restaurants, and make their own well drinks. Establishments in Philadelphia don’t need to have liquor licenses to allow BYOB.

Is corkage fee charged per bottle?

Are Corkage Fees Per Bottle? In most restaurants, corkage fees are per bottle. Corkage fees might also be per table or per person (known as per glass or per “stem”).