Can you buy beer in Provo?

Is Provo a dry city?

Provo, home of Brigham Young University, does not enjoy adult beverages quite as much. Over 90 percent of Provo’s population is made up of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (the Mormons), and Mormons don’t drink.

Can you buy beer in Provo on Sunday?

Calling it an issue of fairness and not an economic decision, the Provo City Council voted 5-1 Tuesday night to allow beer to be sold on Sundays at grocery and convenience stores. Provo businesses with beer and liquor licenses already have been allowed to sell beer on Sundays.

Does Provo Utah have bars?

Though ironically better known for being home to BYU, a.k.a. Mormon Mecca, Provo boasts three bars: ABG’s, City Limits and The Madison. Each one caters to a different clientele and they are all conveniently located on Center Street. City Limits is the dive-iest out of the three, with an older group of patrons.

Can you buy beer in grocery stores in Utah?

All liquor, wine, and beers with an ABV above 4% must be purchased from a Utah state liquor store or a package agency. … Beer (with 4% ABV or lower) in bottles or cans may be purchased at most grocery and convenience stores in Utah.

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Can you buy alcohol in Provo?

In Provo, a city in Utah County, Utah, packaged beer (up to 4% alcohol by volume) may be sold by private vendors between 7:00 a.m. and 1:00 a.m., any day of the week. Packaged alcoholic beverages above 4% alcohol by volume may only be sold in state-owned stores.

Is Provo worth visiting?

With its woodsy-chic accommodations, spa, art studio, performance space and ski area, Robert Redford’s Sundance Resort, 15 miles up Provo Canyon from downtown, might be the region’s most high-profile tourist draw. … The Provo River gets high marks from serious fly fishermen.

Does Salt Lake City sell alcohol on Sunday?

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) You can still buy high powered beer, wine and liquor to take home, even when state liquor stores are closed. Even on Sunday. A growing number of breweries, distilleries and wineries are opening in Utah. … Epic Brewing on State Street in Salt Lake has been doing this for six years.

Do restaurants serve alcohol in Provo?

Our bars can serve alcohol sans food, but restaurants comprise a growing portion of Utah County’s liquor spots. Additionally, the state’s DUI limit is 0.05% — on par with most Western European countries — and includes operating both cars and bikes. If you want a tipsy bike ride, pedal at your own risk.

Is alcohol sold in Utah on Sundays?

Packaged liquor, wine, and heavy beer “to go” are sold at state liquor stores throughout Utah. … State liquor stores accept cash, check, and credit cards, and are closed on Sundays and holidays.

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How many bars are in Utah County?

It’s difficult to find a bar in Utah County • With a population of more than 606,000, it is easily the state’s second most populous county. But it has just 14 bars. That’s about one for every 43,000 residents.

Can supermarkets sell alcohol at any time?

Guidance issued by the Home Office states “shops, stores and supermarkets should normally be free to provide sales of alcohol for consumption off the premises at any times when the retail outlet is open for shopping unless there are good reasons, based on the licensing objectives, for restricting those hours”.

Can minors drink with parents in Utah?

A minor may consume alcoholic products for medicinal purposes if the minor is 18 or older; and the alcohol is provided by the minor’s parent, guardian, or health care provider who is licensed to write a prescription. (Utah Code Ann.

Can you buy alcohol at Walmart in Utah?

Again, Utah laws ban alcohol sales inside grocery stores, but Walmart manages to navigate these restrictions by selling alcoholic beverages in a separate structure, next to its regular store. Though you won’t find beer in every store, it’s safe to say that most Walmart locations sell alcohol throughout all the states.