How do you add smoke flavor to alcohol?

What are four different ways you could add smoke flavor to cocktails?

5 Ways to Add Smoke to Your Cocktails

  • Smoked Ice. The next time you throw something on your grill or smoker and you’re ready to shut her down, add a pan of water to the smoker to let it absorb smoke flavor. …
  • Grilled Citrus. …
  • Smoked Simple Syrup. …
  • Cedar Plank Shenanigans.

Can you add liquid smoke to alcohol?

In a mixing container, dissolve sugar into orange bitters, add whiskey, and stir. Add smoke via your food smoking machine or add a few drops of liquid smoke. Serve in a whiskey glass with a large ice sphere. Making this drink recipe is quite simple and a great way to kick back and relax with the guys!

How do you make smoky whiskey?

If you don’t have a smokehouse or Smoking Gun, another easy way to smoke whiskey is to pour it in an aluminum foil pan and put that over another pan of ice. Now you can put it in a grill or a water smoker or even an offset barrel smoker. (When you’re smoking whiskey, you want to keep it cold.

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How can you smoke alcohol at home?

There are two ways to smoke alcohol. The first is to pour it over dry ice and inhale the fumes with a straw—a new-wave freebase, if you ask me. If you don’t have access to dry ice, you can also attach a bike pump to a cork and pressurize the hell out of your alcoholic beverage to smoke it back.

Is it safe to put dry ice in a drink?

Can you put dry ice in a drink? Dry ice is safe for using in cocktails, as long as you avoid swallowing and use gloves and tongs during handling. A 1-inch chunk will settle to the bottom of drinks and cocktails and disappear in about 5 minutes.

What does smoking a drink do?

“The aroma excites the palate and adds depth to the flavor of the cocktail,” Norton Christopher, bar chef at Sac-a-Lait in New Orleans, told Whiskey Advocate. In other words, smoking results in uniquely layered drinks with alluring notes and aromas.

What is a smoky tequila?

If you’ve dined at a Mexican restaurant lately in the U.S., you may have noticed mezcal on the drink menu right near tequila. … In a nutshell, mezcal is a distilled alcohol made from the agave plant — much like tequila. It’s smoky, earthy, and complex with a touch of sweetness.

What can I use instead of liquid smoke?

Liquid Smoke Substitute

  • Smoked paprika, a spice made by drying peppers over oak burning fires for several weeks, is a great alternative.
  • Smoke tea (or lapsang souchong) can be used as a dry rub on meats or to flavor soups or stews in need of a smoky kick.
  • Chipotle powder is famous for its smoky flavor.
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How do you smoke moonshine?

Smoked Belle Isle Premium Moonshine

In a table top or full size smoker, bring the internal tempera- ture to roughly 200 degrees before adding enough soaked apple wood chips to create a large amount of smoke. When chips begin to smoke, add stainless trays and let smoke for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove and serve. Cheers!

What wood do you use to smoke whiskey?


  1. American White Oak. This is the oak used to make whiskey barrels, it’s a classic smoke wood. …
  2. Black Cherry. Like Apple, this wood is sweet and very fruity. …
  3. Sugar Maple. Maple has a mellow, sweet aroma and imparts a mild smoke flavor. …
  4. Hickory.