Is Cupcake Chardonnay sweet or dry?

What does cupcake Chardonnay taste like?

Product Description

We barrel ferment our Chardonnay to achieve a rich, creamy wine with flavors of apple, lemon, vanilla and a hint of toasted almond. Rich and elegantly textured, this wine has balanced acidity with a smooth mouthfeel and a lingering finish followed by soft notes of melon, butter and oak.

Is Cupcake wine sweet or dry?

The 2012 Cupcake Vineyards Red Velvet begins with rich aromas of blueberry, raspberry, vanilla, caramel and chocolate. Tasting shows similar flavors to the nose ensconced in very smooth and creamy mouthfeel. With 12g/L of residual sugar this is definitely a sweet wine.

What is a good Chardonnay?

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What does Cupcake wine taste like?

Our Red Velvet is made up of grapes from some of the finest vineyards in California. This rich, silky red blend has notes of cherry, blackberry, chocolate and mocha that fill the palate, while soft hints of vanilla and toasted oak lead to an intense and lengthy finish.

What kind of wine is cupcake?

The red, white, and sparkling wines are produced to be fruit-forward and approachable. The most successful wines include Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and Central Coast Chardonnay.

From Cupcake Vineyards.

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Name Cupcake Vineyards Chardonnay, Monterey County, USA
Grape Chardonnay
Popularity 40,137th
Score 85
Avg Price $9

Is Cupcake wine unoaked?

On the flip side, our Cupcake Butterkissed Chardonnay is fermented at 100% malolactic fermentation, which is what creates its rich, intensely creamy vanilla and ripe pear flavors. These are both distinctive Chardonnays and I’d recommend trying them side by side to see which one you like better!