Question: What does blended wine mean?

What is blending of wine?

Blending is the process in which different varietals of wine are mixed together to produce a balanced wine. Typically, a base varietal is chosen and then other varietals are considered in varying percentages to balance out the base wine.

Is blended wine bad?

Blending different grape varieties is useful in accentuating a particular grape’s virtues. But winemakers have also learned never to blend an inferior wine with a good wine because the result is usually an inferior wine. Again, the goal is to produce a wine that is actually better than the sum of its parts.

How do they blend wine?

Blending can happen in the vineyard, during fermentation, after fermentation, or not at all, depending on the winemaker’s approach. A “field blend” refers to a wine that is made from multiple grapes that are grown, harvested, fermented and bottled together. Another option is to co-ferment grapes after they are picked.

How do you know if wine is blended?

First, you’ll need to know what a wine blend is. A blended wine’s definition is quite simple. Vintners make blended wines from different types of grapes — the only qualification of a blended wine is that it contains more than one grape type, also known as varietals.

Can you mix different types of wine?

Drinking white wine after red wine or vice versa, or even worse, mixing two wines in the same glass is often seen as blasphemy. … Therefore, you can indeed mix red and white wine or just serve them separately during a meal.

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Can you age blended wine?

Red Bordeaux blends can age for a couple of decades when the right conditions are met. Some red wines, such as pinot noir do not need much aging. Pinot noir promises good acidity, a fragrant nose and sour cherry/cherry taste. This will eventually fade so it is better to not wait too long before drinking pinot noir.

Are wine blends cheaper?

According to Hatcher, blended wines make up some of the most underrated bottles on the shelf. … It comes with a price tag of $15, which is roughly two to three times cheaper than single-origin bottles. Winemakers can charge a premium for single-origin wines because of their “boutique” quality.

Is Malbec a blend wine?

Malbec grapes are fussy and can be difficult to grow, so they’re grown in much smaller quantities than other more popular red wines. … In Bordeaux, France, Malbec is a popular blending grape. It’s often blended with Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Gamay to make Bordeaux blends.