Question: What types of identification are acceptable for the purchase of alcohol products?

What ID is acceptable for the purchase of alcohol?

Examples of acceptable ID include photo card driving licences, passports, military identification or proof of age cards bearing the PASS hologram, although other forms of ID which meet the criteria laid out above are also acceptable.” I was with someone that was buying alcohol, why was I challenged?

Which of the following are acceptable forms of ID for purchase of alcohol products in Iowa?

Iowa law does not govern acceptable forms of identification. However, the Division recommends that licensees request valid forms of identification that include a person’s photo and date of birth, such as those found on a driver’s license or state-issued ID.

What can I use as proof of identity?

When you’ll be asked to prove your identity

Transport for NSW will ask you to prove your identity: When you apply to obtain, renew or replace any NSW-issued card with a photo on it: NSW driver and rider licences. NSW Photo Cards.

What can be used as 2 forms of ID?

List 2 – Use in the Community

  • An Australian driver’s licence or other such equivalent photo identification card.
  • A Medicare Card.
  • An Australian Change of Name Certificate.
  • An Australian Marriage Certificate.
  • A Certificate of Identity issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
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Does Dollar General sell beer and wine?

Policy Certain Dollar General stores sell beer, wine, and some instances, liquor. … Dollar General is committed to complying with all applicable state and local laws, regulations, and licensee requirements regarding the sale of Alcoholic Beverages.

What is the best way to determine if a person is of legal age to purchase alcohol?

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  • Today is January 23, 2015. …
  • The best way to determine if a person is of legal age to purchase alcohol is to: …
  • As a seller/sever, if you sell alcohol to a minor, your employer could: …
  • In which of the following situations would you sell/serve an alcoholic beverage?

Can you buy alcohol with a foreign ID?

Currently, accepted proof of age documents include: a driver or rider licence or permit issued by an Australian State or Territory or any foreign country. a NSW Digital Driver Licence. Australian or other passport.

What is a secondary proof of identity?

Full-color scans and PDFs of the following are acceptable as secondary documents: Social Security card (the original document must be physically presented if you are verifying your identity on a Trusted Referee video call) U.S. DoD Certificate of Birth Abroad (FS-545) U.S. DoS Certification of Report of Birth (DS-1350)

Can an expired passport be used as proof of identity?

We can only accept a passport that is valid and within its expiry date. This would be the same for any Identification documents. All would need to be within their expiry dates.