Question: Which compound is a dihydroxy alcohol?

What is a dihydroxy alcohol?

What is a dihydroxy alcohol? an alcohol that has two-OH groups in its molecule 14. Give the common name and structural formula for 1, 2-ethanediol. … an alcohol that has three -OH groups in its molecule ilo.

Which of the following is a dihydroxy alcohol?


Question Answer
Which of the following are alcohols? methanol, isopropanol and glycerol
Which of the following is a dihydroxy alcohol ethylene glycol
Which of the following is an alcohol in which the hydroxyl group is attached to a carbon that is in turn attached to three other carbons tertiary alcohol

Which compound contains alcohol?

Physical properties of alcohols

IUPAC name common name formula
methanol methyl alcohol CH3OH
ethanol ethyl alcohol CH3CH2OH
1-propanol n-propyl alcohol CH3CH2CH2OH
2-propanol isopropyl alcohol (CH3)2CHOH

What is a monohydroxy alcohol?

Primary Monohydroxy Alcohol. An alcohol in which the hydroxyl (-OH) group is attached to a terminal carbon (a carbon that is only attached to one other carbon.) Ex: Methanol & Ethanol.

Which is secondary alcohol?

Definition. A secondary alcohol is a compound in which a hydroxy group, ‒OH, is attached to a saturated carbon atom which has two other carbon atoms attached to it.

Is methanol an alcohol?

DESCRIPTION: Methanol is a toxic alcohol that is used industrially as a solvent, pesticide, and alternative fuel source. It also occurs naturally in humans, animals, and plants.

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What is primary and secondary alcohol?

Alcohols are organic molecules containing a hydroxyl functional group connected to an alkyl or aryl group (ROH). If the hydroxyl carbon only has a single R group, it is known as primary alcohol. If it has two R groups, it is a secondary alcohol, and if it has three R groups, it is a tertiary alcohol.

What is general formula of alcohol?

The general formula for the alcohols is C nH 2n+1OH (where n is the number of carbon atoms in the molecule).

What is the general formula of alcohol & phenol?

Phenols differ from alcohols in that they are slightly acidic in water. They react with aqueous sodium hydroxide (NaOH) to form salts. The parent compound, C6H5OH, is itself called phenol.