What alcohol content is Lambrusco?

What is Lambrusco considered?

Lambrusco is a brightly colored grape variety used to make sparkling red wines in Emilia-Romagna, northern Italy. More accurately, it is a collective term for a group of grape varieties, much like Muscat. More than 60 Lambrusco varieties have been identified so far.

Should Lambrusco be refrigerated?

All Lambruscos are meant to be served chilled, no matter the color, which is another reason it’s a summer pick. … “Many people in that region traditionally enjoy Lambrusco as a nice, light, sparkling wine that will counterbalance the richness of these foods when paired together,” she says.

Does Lambrusco expire?

How Long Does an Open Bottle of Wine Last? A wine’s shelf life after its been opened depends on how light or heavy the wine is, but most wines last between three and five days. … Light red wine: Light reds such as Pinot Noir, Lambrusco, and Gamay last 2–3 days when corked and stored in a cool, dark place.

Is Lambrusco served cold?

Lambrusco is one of Italy’s oldest wines and it’s bubbly, served chilled, and often a perfect mix of acidity and slight sweetness.

Is Lambrusco a good red wine?

The Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro is a delicious red wine with one of the highest tannin counts of all Lambrusco wines. It has a rich, deep purple colour that reflects the violet and berry fragrance of the wine. It is produced in Modena, one of the smaller wine-producing regions.

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Does Walmart sell Lambrusco wine?

Riunite® Lambrusco Emilia Italia Soft Lively Red Wine. Light and refreshing with bright flavors of juicy berries and dark cherry. … Riunite Lambrusco plays nicely with most foods. Perfect for pizza, pasta, BBQ, cured meats and cheeses.

Is there a white Lambrusco?

If you like White Zinfandel, you’ll love this refreshing alternative. A perfect blend of Lambrusco Marani and Lambrusco Salamino grapes produces a round, light taste that’s lightly effervescent, easy to drink and a complement to a wide variety of foods. Color: Bright rose. Bouquet: Light, fresh and delicate.

Does Lambrusco go flat?

Drinking old wine will not make you sick, but it will likely start to taste off or flat after five to seven days, so you won’t get to enjoy the wine’s optimal flavors. Longer than that and it’ll start to taste unpleasant.

What temp should you serve Lambrusco?

Lambrusco should always be served at white wine temperature: 8 to 12 degrees Celsius. Pair with anything. Feel alive. Gamay is a thinned-skin grape most famously made in Southern Burgundy under the name Beaujolais; Beaujolais is the place and it’s always 100% Gamay!