What are the characteristics of Burgundy wine?

What is special about Burgundy wine?

This Grand Cru is one of the world’s most famous and expensive wines. Over the centuries, Burgundy has become known for being the best land in the world for producing both Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, and it is for this reason that Burgundy wines have received such acclaim.

What are the characteristics of Burgundy?

Burgundy, especially red Burgundy, can be quite a difficult wine to understand. It has a light colour, highish acidity, light tannins and 65-70% of its pleasure comes from its aroma. This is very different to say Bordeaux’ s darker, richer and more structured wine.

What wines are considered Burgundy?

Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are the most common grape varieties in Burgundy. In Burgundy, four main grape varieties are grown. The “red” grape varieties are Pinot Noir and Gamay. The “white” varieties are Chardonnay and Aligoté.

How dry is Burgundy wine?

Burgundy wine is made in the Burgundy region of France. Wines referred to as Burgundys are usually dry red wines that are made using Pinot Noir grapes. These wines generally have full bodied, complex earthy flavors.

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Why is Burgundy wine so expensive?

Another reason why Burgundy is expensive is because the quality level of the wine (as a general rule) is so high and their popularity is equally high. The basic law of supply and demand. Many of the high-end wines in Burgundy are vanity wines. Wines meant to show off and flaunt.

What is the difference between wine and Burgundy color?

Wine is More Purple-ish And Burgundy Is More Red-ish. I’d Really Like To Make Sure They Are The Same Shade.

Is Bourgogne the same as Burgundy?

Bourgogne is the only wine region in France whose name is translated into different languages: “Burgundy” in English , “Burgund” in German, “Borgogna” in Italian, to name but a few. … Bourgogne wines enjoy a strong global reputation with half of all Bourgogne wines produced being sold at export to around 170 territories.

How do you serve Burgundy wine?

Serve your red Burgundies slightly cool — about 60° to 62°F (17°C) in a fine, wide-bowled glass. Do not decant red Burgundies; pour them straight from the bottle. Too much aeration causes you to lose some of your wine’s wonderful aromas — one of its greatest qualities.

Is Rhone a Burgundy?

Burgundy is located north of the Rhone in the slopes and valleys of the Saone River, a tributary of the Rhone. Both regions produce superb wines with evident differences. Enjoying warmer and sunnier climate, Rhone wines are typically bigger, fuller than Burgundy wines.

What red wine is closest to burgundy?

The best substitute that you can use is red wine which is made from Pinot Noir grapes. Since burgundy too is made from Pinot Noir grapes, it will have similar flavors. Some good substitutes for burgundy wine are Merlot and Cabernet. You can also use California or Oregon Pinot Noir too.

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What percent alcohol is Burgundy wine?

Natural, or unfortified, grape wines generally contain from 8 to 14 percent alcohol; these include such wines as Bordeaux, Burgundy, Chianti, and Sauterne.