What does Sauvignon Blanc go with?

What foods go well with sauvignon blanc?

Pair with:

  • Cheese (especially goat cheese)
  • Green vegetables (asparagus, zucchini, fresh peas, artichokes)
  • Oysters.
  • Delicate fish like sole.
  • Fresh herbs.
  • Mild viniagrettes.
  • Dishes with tangy dairy ingredients.
  • Herbal, briny sauces.

When should you drink sauvignon blanc?

How to Drink Sauvignon Blanc. Most Sauvignon Blanc wines don’t age well because they drink best when they are relatively young, within a year to 18 months of their vintage. However, sweet wines from Sauvignon Blanc can age for years or sometimes even decades due to the high sugar content of the wine.

What should a good sauvignon blanc taste like?

What Does Sauvignon Blanc Wine Taste Like?

  • Fruit flavors such as white peach, grapefruit, lime, pear, passion fruit, and other tropical fruit.
  • Herbaceous hints of cut grass, lemongrass, and tarragon.
  • Spicy notes of green bell pepper, jalapeño, vanilla, nutmeg, and clove.

What fish goes best with Sauvignon Blanc?

French Sauvignon Blanc comes from the Loire Valley or Bordeaux and is one of the dryer white wines available. Its flavor ranges from spicy lime to a fresh herb taste. Also served chilled like most white wines, Sauvignon Blanc is best paired with mild, flaky white fish like tilapia, flounder or halibut.

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Does Sauvignon Blanc go well with fish?

White Wine (Dry)

Dry white wine like Pinot Gris or Sauvignon Blanc pair best with fish like cod and tilapia. The earthiness of the pour enhances the flavors of these fish, and plays well on the palate.

Why is Sauvignon Blanc so popular?

A top-tier variety. Sauvignon Blanc’s key selling point is its straightforwardness with flavours rarely hidden in the background. In many key export markets, this quality has propelled Sauvignon blanc to top-tier white popularity status alongside Chardonnay and Pinot grigio.

Is Sauvignon Blanc high in sugar?

It’s also a great wine for keto and low carb dieters because most sauvignon blancs are completely dry – meaning they are sugar free or have little to no residual sugar, aka low carbs! One serving of Sauvignon Blanc is approximately 3.8 grams of carbs, making it a great choice for any low carb diet.

Do you refrigerate Sauvignon Blanc?

Lighter, fruitier, and drier white wines such as Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc are ideal at colder temperatures, usually between 45-50 degrees. Bubbly bottles such as Champagne, Prosecco, sparkling brut, and sparkling rosés should always be chilled to 40-50 degrees.

What chocolate goes with Sauvignon Blanc?

Sauvignon Blanc pairs well with creamy/buttery meals, shellfish, crab, lobster as well as white meats including pork and poultry. This wine also is perfect to pair with buttery white chocolate, as well as citus-infused whites.