What is an alcohol functional group?

What is the functional group of an alcohol quizlet?

The functional group of an alcohol is an –OH (hydroxyl) group bonded to a tetrahedral carbon atom (a carbon having single bonds to four other atoms).

How do you determine an alcohol group?

Iodoform. This test is conducted with secondary alcohols, acetaldehyde, and ketones. The compound is heated in the presence of a sodium hydroxide solution and iodine. The presence of alcohol is shown by the formation of a yellow iodoform precipitate.

What does a functional group determine quizlet?

A functional group is an atom or group of atoms that determines the chemical and, in part, physical properties of an organic compound. … The presence of a particular functional group in a molecules can be used to predict the type of reactions the molecule will undergo.

Is methanol an alcohol?

DESCRIPTION: Methanol is a toxic alcohol that is used industrially as a solvent, pesticide, and alternative fuel source. It also occurs naturally in humans, animals, and plants.

What are 4 types of alcohol?

The four types of alcohol are ethyl, denatured, isopropyl and rubbing. The one that we know and love the best is ethyl alcohol, also called ethanol or grain alcohol. It’s made by fermenting sugar and yeast, and is used in beer, wine, and liquor. Ethyl alcohol is also produced synthetically.

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Are all alcohols flammable chemistry?

Many alcohols are highly flammable (with flash points below 100 degrees F). Especially dangerous are methanol and ethyl alcohol, because of their wide flammability limits. Polyols are generally combustible. Their generally low volatility means that they are poorly flammable.

Why are alcohols used as solvents?

Because they are strongly polar, alcohols are better solvents than hydrocarbons for ionic compounds and other polar substances.