What wine goes well with cake?

Does wine and cake go together?

So, where do you start when pairing wine with cake? Matching the cake’s sweetness with the boldness of a wine is the best place to start! Ultimately, when you pair a dense, rich cake flavor with a light-bodied wine; it can overshadow the flavor of the wine, leaving it well below its full potential.

What wine goes best with dessert?

When choosing the right wine for dessert, get creative. You don’t have to stick with just dessert wines. Varieties like Riesling, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Moscato, Cabernet, and Syrah are also great choices, as are many blends.

What Alcohol goes well with cake?

7 Wine-and-Cake Pairings That Make Wine and Cake Even Better

  • Red Velvet Cake and Pinot Noir. …
  • Funfetti Cake and Sparkling Rosé …
  • Chocolate Devil’s Food Cake and Red Blends. …
  • White Wedding Cake with Vanilla Frosting and Riesling. …
  • Cheesecake and White Dessert Wine. …
  • Lemon-Flavored Cake and Prosecco.

What should I drink with cake?

Drinks That Go With Chocolate Cake

  • Milk. Chocolate cake with a tall glass of milk is a traditional pairing. …
  • Coffee. Coffee and chocolate cake are delicious together. …
  • Dessert Wine. There are many, sweet wines to enjoy with chocolate cake. …
  • Stout.
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What wine goes well with lemon cake?

Best Wine to Pair with Lemon Cake :

  • Sweet White Barsac.
  • Sweet White Cadillac.
  • Sweet White Cérons.
  • Sweet White Loupiac.
  • Sweet White Montlouis sur Loire Sweet White.
  • Sweet White Vouvray Sweet White.
  • Sparkling White Anjou.

Does white wine go with chocolate cake?

White Chocolate

It’s okay. Sweet and creamy white chocolate pairs well with a light and sweet wine. You could go with an off-dry Riesling, a fizzy wine like Moscato d’Asti (white) or Brachetto d’Acqui (red), or even a sweet sherry like Pedro Ximénez sherry from Spain.

What chocolate goes well with Pinot Grigio?

Pinot Gris pairs best with zesty dark chocolate, particularly semisweet chocolate with orange. Orange zest and the medium-bodied wine pairs well, enhancing both flavor profiles.

What fruit goes well with wine?

Important Pairing Tips

Fruit Wine
Strawberries, raspberries, fraises de bois, white peaches, apricots or apples Bourgueil
Pears, plums, dried fruit Bordeaux
Apples, pears, peaches Cabernet
Seedless grapes, peaches, lady apples, blueberries Champagne