What wine goes with cashew chicken?

What wine goes well with cashew chicken?

What wine goes with Cashew Chicken? If you need a wine to pair with Cashew Chicken, you could try a Riesling to go with it. (REEZ-ling): A semi-sweet wine with honey and peach.

What wine is good for stir fry?

With savory, gingery stir-fries

The deep flavors in these dishes really let fruity reds and whites shine. For a white wine try an appley Pinot Blanc or unoaked styles of Chardonnay. For reds, go for juicy, low-tannin, wines, like Beaujolais from France or California Pinot Noir.

What alcohol goes good with stir fry?

Here are my favourites:

  • Riesling and riesling blends.
  • Torrontes from Argentina – an interesting alternative to riesling.
  • Fruity Australian whites especially ones containing semillon and colombard.
  • New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc – particularly with stir-fries that contain veggies like asparagus, peppers and mangetout.
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