What wine is comparable to Chablis?

What white wine is similar to Chablis?

The one obvious option to replace Chablis with is Petit Chablis. Other than that, dedicated Chablis customers often want to stick to alternative French wines, so very good Muscadet, Macon and Santenay can often work to fill the void.

What’s the difference between Chablis and sauvignon blanc?

Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay are both the names of grapes, and can also refer to wines made from these grapes. … White wines bearing the Pouilly-Fumé and Sancerre appellations are made from Sauvignon Blanc, while Chablis and Meursault are regions in Burgundy where the wines are made from Chardonnay.

Why do I like Chablis not chardonnay?

The Chablis region is very much a cooler climate and thus the wine is quite acidic and perhaps even closer in characteristics to Sauvignon Blanc than the tropical flavoured, bigger Australian and Californian Chardonnay.

Is Sancerre a chardonnay?

A rosé style from Pinot noir is also produced in a style similar to Beaujolais, which is produced from the Gamay grape. White Sancerre was one of the original AOCs awarded in 1936, with the same area being designated for red wines on 23 January 1959.

Sancerre (wine)

Wine region
Varietals produced Sauvignon blanc, Pinot noir

What is a good unoaked chardonnay?

Best Unoaked Chardonnay Under 20

  • Toad Hollow Unoaked Chardonnay Francine’s Selection. 4.5 out of 5 stars. …
  • La Vuelta Chardonnay Unoaked. …
  • A to Z Chardonnay Unoaked. …
  • Kim Crawford Chardonnay Unoaked. …
  • Dominican Oaks Chardonnay Unoaked. …
  • Natura Chardonnay Unoaked. …
  • River Road Chardonnay Unoaked. …
  • Luc Pirlet Chardonnay Unoaked.
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Is Viognier like Sauvignon Blanc?

So what are the differences between Viognier vs Sauvignon Blanc? Viognier has less acidity than Sauvignon Blanc and tends to be easier to drink. Viognier is slightly more predictable as it is not a blend of grapes and has more apricot and stonefruit aromas, backed by its signature oily texture.

Is Chablis The best white wine?

Wine Review Online – Chablis: The World’s Best White Wine for Food. That’s a bold claim, but I think it holds up to scrutiny. The only other contender would be Champagne, but once one takes price into account, the medal goes to Chablis because these wines are so well-priced.

Is Albarino like Sauvignon Blanc?

Try: Albariño

Sauvignon blanc is often prized for its aromatics, from the tropical fruit notes of a New Zealand sauvignon blanc to the more savory, stone-y, and citrusy aromas of Sancerre. … Albariño, from Rias Biaxas in Spain, is similar in personality, with bright fruit and zesty freshness on the palate.