Which has higher viscosity water or ethyl alcohol?

Is alcohol less viscous than water?

The viscosity of pure alcohols and aqueous solutions is found to increase almost linearly with increasing pressure, whereas that of water decreases slightly with pressure at temperatures below 298 K.

Is water more viscous than acetone?

Acetone has a viscosity 3x less than water but weighs 2.5 times more.

What liquid has lowest viscosity?

Water, gasoline, and other liquids that flow freely have a low viscosity. Honey, syrup, motor oil, and other liquids that do not flow freely, like those shown in Figure 1, have higher viscosities.

Which alcohol is most viscous?

Ethylene glycol is more viscous than ethyl alcohol because ethylene glycol contains two O-H groups (ethyl alcohol contains one O-H group). This results in stronger hydrogen bonding between ethylene glycol molecules.

Does ethyl alcohol have a high viscosity?

The more alcohol groups that a molecule has, the more hydrogen bonds it might form, and the stickier it will be. … That is just what is observed – glycerol is far more viscous than water or simple alcohols such as methanol or ethanol, whose viscosity is much like water.

What are the hazards of ethyl alcohol?

► Exposure to Ethyl Alcohol can cause headache, drowsiness, nausea and vomiting, and unconsciousness. It can also affect concentration and vision. nervous system.

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What liquid has the same viscosity as blood?

The main ingredients of your final recipe probably consisted of corn syrup diluted with water and thickened with flour. This particular mixture resembles the flow of blood quite well because it has a similar viscosity, or resistance to flow.

Does peanut butter have a high viscosity?

Fluids with low viscosity have a low resistance and shear easily and the molecules flow quickly; high viscosity fluids move sluggishly and resist deformation. Some liquids, like pitch, glass and peanut butter, have such high viscosity they behave like solids.

Which has highest viscosity honey or blood?

… The higher the viscosity of a material, the slower the flow speed for given forces will be. Honey, for instance, has a viscosity between 2.54 and 23.4 Pa · s (at 25°C, depending on moisture and sugar composition) [46] , while blood has 4 mPa · s [47]. … …