You asked: What wine goes with potato?

What wine goes well with potato?

Try It With…

Round, juicy Chardonnay from the Jura or white wine from Rioja. If the sweet potatoes are spicy, go for a dry, funky sparkling wine like a pétillant naturel (pét-nat, for short).

What kind of wine goes with baked potato soup?

Loaded Baked Potato Soup

Pair this decadent dish with a slightly sweet white wine like Riesling or Chenin Blanc. You could also go with a fruit-froward medium-bodied red wine like Barbera or Merlot.

What wine goes with potato gratin?

Best Wine to Pair with Potato Gratin :

  • Red Bordeaux supérieur.
  • Red Castillon – Côtes de Bordeaux.
  • Red Côtes de Bourg.
  • Red Côtes de Castillon.
  • Red Saint Estèphe.
  • White Bordeaux supérieur.
  • White Côtes de Bourg.

What red wine goes with sweet potato?

Sweet potatoes may require a riper wine than would otherwise be matched to the other elements in the dish. Try a rich Chardonnay, perhaps from Australia or Sicily, or a Viognier. For reds, try a roundly fruity Grenache or Grenache-based blend from Australia or the US, or perhaps a fruity Merlot.

What alcohol goes with potato soup?

Wine Pairings

  • Pinot Noir.
  • Gavi.
  • White Bordeaux.
  • Fino Sherry.
  • Albarino.
  • Rioja.
  • White Rhône.
  • Sparkling Wine.
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What drink goes best with soups?

We’re here to help, so here are our top five fav pairings for soup plus liquor, the lowest-calorie alcohol there is.

  1. Pho And Moscow Mule. …
  2. Green Pea Soup And A Shot Of Aquavit. …
  3. Butternut Squash Soup And A Cosmo. …
  4. Spicy Tomato Soup and Tequila Mixer. …
  5. Borsht And A Vodka Soda.

What wine goes with potato leek soup?

White Rhônes (Marsanne/Roussanne blends) would be fine, as would Viognier, dry Chenin Blanc or dry Riesling. Sauvignon Blanc would be nice if it is not too overtly grassy or herbal. An unoaked Chardonnay would be pleasant, and a Macon Villages or Pouilly Fuisse close to perfection.

Does red wine go with ham?

Good news! You can have both red or white wine with ham, even rose! Even though pork is the other white meat, ham can easily pair with red wine as well.

Does Chardonnay go with ham?

Overall, wine choices that make the best paring with ham include rose or white Zinfandel and a light, crisp and dry white wine such as a green apple Chardonnay, as the flavor of apples will greatly complement both smoked and baked hams and their glazes.