Are alcohol bottles recyclable?

Are empty liquor bottles recyclable?

What Type of Glass is Recyclable? Glass bottles and jars can be recycled via your kerbside collection. Drinking glasses, ceramics, plate glass (window panes) and oven-proof glass and pyrex cannot be recycled via your kerbside recycling services.

What plastic Cannot be recycled?

cereal box plastic, bubble wrap, clear plastic wrap, some department store bags, potato chip bags, single cheese wrappers, 6-pack plastic and candy wrappers.) Soiled plastic bottles and bags.

Is it OK to crush plastic bottles for recycling?

There’s no need to wash or crush your recyclables. Just separate your aluminum, glass, and plastic containers in different bags or bins, and head for the recycling center.

How do I claim my 10c refund?

Where can I get a refund? Eligible containers can be redeemed for a 10 cent refund at any return point. A return point can either be a Reverse Vending Machine, Over the Counter site, Automated Depot or a Donation Station.

How do I get my 10c refund?

How it works

  1. Collect eligible bottles and cans. Not all bottles, cans and cartons are included in Return and Earn. …
  2. Take your containers to a return point. We currently have over 600 Return and Earn return points across New South Wales. …
  3. Earn a refund or make a donation.
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