Frequent question: Are splash wines organic?

Is Splash wines legit?

Is splash wines a scam or a legit company? Answer: Definitely a legit company. I’ve ordered over 30 cases of wine from them and all of them have been received no problem.

Are splash wines Vegan?

Made with organic grapes. Certified Vegan.

Where do splash wines come from?

Where do you get your wines from? Our wines come from all around the world, made possible by our long-fostered personal relationships with our winemakers and suppliers. We taste each and every wine before deciding to bring it into your store.

Is splash wine a subscription?

Subscriptions. A Splash subscription means wine will be automatically shipped to your door when you want it.

How does splash wine subscription work?

Save BIG when you subscribe to Splash!

You can select 6 bottles for less than $10 per bottle or 15 bottles for less than $6 per bottle. You’re in complete control. Select how often you want your wine delivered. Monthly, Every Other Month, or Quarterly.

How do I cancel splash wine?

Alternately, you can call our Customer Service department toll-free at 844-444-9311 and request to unsubscribe.

Does wine insiders have good wine?

Wine Insiders, founded in 1982, generally offers a better quality of wine than their well-known competitors in their quarterly case (12 bottle) wine subscriptions. Coupled with convenience and an outstanding customer service record, we think this is a good choice for many wine drinkers.

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Is splash wine a club?

Splash Wines Club is an innovative new wine club, is a wine selection curated by a family that knows the ins and outs of the wine industry.

How much is splash wines shipping?

Shipping is just $4.95 and free for Splash Winos, with the exception of third party offers such as Groupon. The cost of shipping will be outlined accordingly on those offers. Once a package has shipped from the Splash Distribution Center it is the customer’s responsibility.

How long does splash take to deliver?

When will I receive my order? Your products will be delivered in 4-5 business days.

How do I redeem a splash voucher?

Select View Voucher. Copy the code listed under “Redemption Code” The instructions listed in the “How to Use” section of the voucher will provide the website link and the steps necessary to use your voucher. After following that link, choose your desired selection and proceed to shopping cart and then to the checkout.