Is Southwest Airlines serving alcohol on flights?

Is Southwest serving alcohol 2021?

The airline had initially intended to bring back alcoholic beverages in June. Southwest Airlines won’t resume selling alcohol on board until at least January 2022, a company spokesperson confirmed to Travel + Leisure on Monday.

Why is Southwest not serving alcohol?

Whether specifically acknowledged or not, the ‘ban’ on coach class alcohol service on American and Southwest is based on friction with passengers over the mask mandate. Some 85% of flight attendants report dealing with unruly passengers.

What alcoholic beverages are served on Southwest Airlines?

and passengers will be able to also choose between beer, red and white wine, vodka, and whiskey on those flights.

What snacks does Southwest serve?

Southwest does serve small snacks, the exact items depend on how long the flight is, but usually some peanuts and pretzels are available along with a selection of beverages, and if you ask nicely the flight attendants are most often happy to give you extra or provide a drink refill.

Can you bring your own food on Southwest Airlines?

Can I bring my own food on the plane? You’re welcome to bring your own food onboard. Can I buy food on Southwest flights? We do not offer snacks for purchase during the flight, so be sure to grab something before boarding.

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How do I know if my Southwest flight is full?

You can search the 8 people reservation up until an hour before flight time though so you could get a slight idea of is it 100% full of 99% or less full.

Can you bring alcohol on a flight?

Checked Baggage

Travelers may take up to five liters of alcohol with alcohol content between 24% and 70% per person as checked luggage if it’s packaged in a sealable bottle or flask. Alcoholic beverages with less than 24% alcohol content are not subject to hazardous materials regulations.

Which airlines are not serving alcohol?

Southwest Airlines is the only other major U.S. carrier that is still not serving alcohol.

Why is Southwest Cancelling flights?

The cuts are on top of its recent reductions in response to slower bookings and increased cancellations due to the spread of the Delta variant of the coronavirus. Southwest had added more flights to its schedule to capitalize on a recovery in air travel and gain market share.

What days does Southwest give free drinks?

You’ll also earn Rapid Rewards points on those purchases, which you can use toward future flights. Look for holiday freebies: Southwest offers complimentary drinks to travelers on selected holidays, including St. Patrick’s Day. We’ve also seen drinks offered for free on birthdays, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Can you eat on a plane during Covid Southwest?

Southwest Airlines

However, as of mid-March 2021, the airline is serving a limited selection of non-alcoholic beverages and snacks on flights over 250 miles. These include water, Coke, Diet Coke and 7-Up. For all other flights, snack and beverage service is still temporarily suspended.

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