What can you do with wine of zamorak?

How do you take zamorak wine?

Wine of Zamorak can be taken from the table downstairs, which will cause the monks to attack you, even when you use the Telekinetic Grab spell. However, a table with a second Wine of Zamorak spawn can be accessed by climbing up the ladder by the entrance, which can be taken safely by use of the Telekinetic Grab spell.

How much does wine of zamorak sell for?

This article has a money making guide here: Collecting wine of zamorak.

Wine of zamorak
Value 1 coin
High alch 0 coins
Low alch 0 coins
Weight 0.085 kg

Where do you get zamorak wines?

The Wine of Zamorak is a type of wine brewed with Grapes of Zamorak, which can be grown using the Farming skill, and can also be found in the Captured Temple, just south of Goblin Village, east of Taverley, and north of Falador.

Why is half full wine jug so expensive?

The rarity of this item comes from the fact that it became a discontinued item via a hidden update, and very few players possessed half full wine jugs at the time. Soon, their rarity was realised, and prices began to skyrocket.

What do you do with jugs of bad wine Osrs?

After training cooking by making wine, players are likely to have a large number of Jugs of bad wine. These cannot be noted for easy removal, but they can be used on the incinerator for quick disposal.

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Where can I buy zamorak robes?

They can be obtained as a drop from Iban disciples who are found in the Underground Pass during the quest. Alternatively, they can be obtained as a drop received by killing Necromancers. The robes give a +6 Prayer stat bonus, which slows down the drain rate of Prayer points.

How do you get a wizard mind bomb Osrs?

A Wizard’s Mind Bomb is a drink that can be purchased from the Barmaids in the Rising Sun Inn in Falador for two gold coins.