Why can’t you buy Yuengling beer in Michigan?

Can you get Yuengling in Michigan?

Yuengling is currently only distributed in 15 states and is illegal to sell in Michigan.

Why is Yuengling banned Texas?

The explanation I got was that it has something to do with the state of Texas wanting them to label it as an ale instead of a lager due to the alcohol content, but the Yuengling brewery refuses to do so.

What states is Yuengling expanding to?

POTTSVILLE, Pa., Jan. 14, 2021 — D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc., America’s Oldest Brewery® today announced the first step in its westward expansion with distribution of its iconic beers into Texas later this year.

Can I mail order Yuengling beer?

Now you can buy America’s most popular craft beer in California. You have to order it as a gift and it is shipped directly to the recipient’s home or business location in California. …

Is Yuengling a good beer?

Last year, we told you Yuengling was considered one of the top 50 craft breweries of 2016. This year, Yuengling ranked among the big league, too: America’s oldest brewing company in Pottsville just ranked among the top 25 best-selling beers in the U.S. And this isn’t just craft breweries — this is all breweries.

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What is the deal with Yuengling beer?

Yuengling beers are expected to be sold in new markets in the second half of 2021. The brewer currently sells its products in 22 states. Under terms of the deal, Yuengling beers will be brewed and packaged in select Molson Coors’ breweries with Yuengling’s supervision.

Is Yuengling sold in Texas?

After More Than 100 Years, Yuengling Beers Are Officially For Sale Across Texas. NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) — It’s a big day for beer drinkers in Texas. Yuengling beer is finally for sale in the Lone Star State.

Is Yuengling leaving Pa?

Raising beers to toast the new partnership with the Pennsylvania brewer, Molson Coors CEO Gavin Hattersley said, “We’re going to make a whole lot of Yuengling fans out West really happy.” The family-owned brewery known for its cheap German-style lager, will remain independent.

Is Yuengling moving to Texas?

About The Yuengling Company

In 2021, The Yuengling Company will launch in Texas with Yuengling® Traditional Lager, Light Lager 99, Golden Pilsner and FLIGHT by Yuengling.

Who owns Yuengling?

Can you buy Yuengling beer online?

From America’s oldest brewery to your home or office, you can buy Yuengling beer buy online today. Order 12 delicious Yuengling Lagers to enjoy a piece of American history. … Buy Yuengling online and send a piece of American history as a gift. Order Yuengling online today by 3PM EST and it ships out the same day.

Can you ship beer through ups?

UPS only accepts packages containing beer from shippers who are licensed under applicable law and who have been approved for and entered into a contract with UPS for the transportation of beer.

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What beers does Yuengling make?


  • Yuengling Hershey’s Chocolate Porter. Read More.
  • Traditional Lager. Yuengling® Traditional Lager is famous for its rich amber color, medium-bodied flavor and distinct character. …
  • Light Lager 99. …
  • Black & Tan. …
  • Golden Pilsner. …
  • FLIGHT by Yuengling. …
  • Yuengling Raging Eagle Mango Beer. …
  • Lord Chesterfield Ale.