Why do they not refund wine bottles?

Why is there no refund on wine bottles?

“The theory is that the bottle of wine will be drunk at home or at a restaurant and so it will usually end up in the yellow recycle bin; it’s already going to be recycled, that’s not the issue,” Peter Peck, CEO of the Liquor Stores Association WA, told 6PR Breakfast.

Can you get a refund on wine bottles?

You can get a 10-cent refund when you return an eligible drink container to one of over 600 return points across NSW. Find out which containers you can return, and where you can drop them off.

Why is there no 10c in wine bottles?

Wine bottles and spirits bottles are not eligible, as research shows these drinks are more often consumed in the home and are less likely to end up as litter. … More than 160 million drink containers are littered across the state each year, and drink containers make up almost half the volume of total litter in NSW.

What happens to wine bottles?

After being collected, glass bottles are crushed and ground into what’s called “cullet,” and this ground glass is sold back to glass manufacturers to be melted into new products, including new bottles. “New” glass can contain as much as 70 percent cullet.

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Are milk bottles recyclable?

The jugs are also recyclable, at least in theory. While plastic bottles can be melted down and made into new bottles, none of the milk containers in the United States are actually made from recycled material. … But according to the EPA, just 28.9 percent of it ends up in the recycling bin.

Can you get 10c for milk bottles?

For example, soft drink cans are eligible for the 10-cent refund whereas 2L milk bottles are not. But no matter where you are, containers need to be empty, the lids removed and have the 10c refund marking.