Why Glycerine is more viscous than ethyl alcohol?

Why is glycerol more viscous than ethyl alcohol?

Because of larger number of intermolecular hydrogen bonding (three per molecule) in case of glycerol (CH2OH-CHOH0CH2OH) as compared to ethanol (CH3CH2OH), the attraction between molecules of glycerol is more than that between molecules of ethanol. Due to this glycerol is more viscous than ethanol.

Which alcohol is most viscous?

Ethylene glycol is more viscous than ethyl alcohol because ethylene glycol contains two O-H groups (ethyl alcohol contains one O-H group). This results in stronger hydrogen bonding between ethylene glycol molecules.

Which is more viscous water or ethyl alcohol?

We found in an experiment using Ostwalds method that ethanol is more viscous than water, which is already surprising as water has stronger intermolecular bonds than ethanol as @MaxW pointed out. The mixture of both substances furthermore is significantly more viscous than both individual substances.

Which one of the liquid is more viscous water ethanol glycerine?

So we expect a molecule like glycerol, with three -OH groups, to be “stickier” than water. That is just what is observed – glycerol is far more viscous than water or simple alcohols such as methanol or ethanol, whose viscosity is much like water. Why is that so? Glycerol has more hydrogen bonds formed per molecule!

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What liquid has lowest viscosity?

Water, gasoline, and other liquids that flow freely have a low viscosity. Honey, syrup, motor oil, and other liquids that do not flow freely, like those shown in Figure 1, have higher viscosities.

Which is more viscous blood or honey?

It is the property of a liquid representing the internal resistance of its different layers to motion. The forces between the layers opposing motion are known as Viscous force.

Detailed Solution.

Substance Viscosity (Pa·s)
Liquid Honey (at 20oc) 10
Air (at 15oC) 1.81 x 105
Blood (at 37oC) 3 – 4
Glycerin (at 20oC) 1420

What would be the most viscous?

Explanation: Here Oil is the most viscous liquid. The liquid with the most intermolecular force is high viscous. viscosity is how smoothly a liquid flows and how hardly the liquid flows it is highly viscous.

What is highly viscous?

A fluid that is highly viscous has a high resistance (like having more friction) and flows slower than a low-viscosity fluid. To think of viscosity in everyday terms, the easier a fluid moves, the lower the viscosity. … Honey would move slower than water, so honey would have a greater viscosity.