What brand is Kirkland Tennessee whiskey?

Who makes Kirkland Tennessee whiskey?

Kirkland Scotch are distilled by either Alexander Murray and Macallan Distillery. Kirkland bourbon and rum is produced by Jim Beam. Kirkland vodka is made from the same water source and by the same employees that Grey Goose uses. Kirkland tequila is produced in the same distillery as Cielo tequila.

Who makes Costco Tennessee bourbon?

Kirkland Bourbon, released by Costco and produced at Jim Beam American Stillhouse, is named after the town of Kirkland, Washington. This small batch bourbon is bottled at 103 proof, 51.5% ABV.

Is Costco liquor cheaper?

Costco Has a Low Price Markup on Liquor

When compared to other retailers, Costco has a lower retail markup of about 10 to 14 percent, where other liquor stores charge a 25 and 45 percent markup.

Is Kirkland vodka the same as GREY goose?

Differences between the vodkas

No, Grey Goose Vodka does not produce nor privately label Kirkland vodka,” Joe McCanta, Grey Goose’s Global Head of Education, told USA TODAY. “This is a viral claim that has circled Grey Goose for many years and it’s completely false.”

Where does Kirkland get their bourbon?

World-famous distillers produce Kirkland spirits

For example, Kirkland bourbon and rum are produced by Jim Beam in Kentucky. Grey Goose makes Kirkland vodka with the same water source as its name brand. And Kirkland tequila is made in the same distillery as the Cielo brand. It’s a small world, indeed!

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Is Costco Irish Whiskey any good?

Surprised that Costco makes a decent Irish whiskey; that it costs a fraction of other decent Irish whiskeys; that even at the lowest rung of the price point ladder, a single spirit category can encompass such a wide range of flavors and characteristics. In the end, that’s a good thing for a drinker to be: surprised.

What whiskey is Irish?

Irish whiskey (Irish: Fuisce or uisce beatha) is whiskey made on the island of Ireland. The word ‘whiskey’ (or whisky) comes from the Irish uisce beatha, meaning water of life.

Irish whiskey.

Three Irish whiskeys: Knappogue Castle, Jameson, and Bushmills
Type Whiskey
Alcohol by volume 40–94.8%
Colour Pale Gold to Dark Amber