What should I wear to a wine tour?

What shoes do you wear to a winery?

Wear Comfortable Shoes: If you’re planning to sign up for a wine tour or have a long list of wineries you plan to visit, wear comfortable shoes. But comfortable doesn’t have to be sneakers. Instead of sneakers, wear flat sandals, wedges, loafers, or even some nice slides.

What snacks to bring on a wine tour?

Dried fruit, such as raisins, apricots, and mango also go well with wine. Red wine pairs well with fruits such as berries and red grapes while white wine is best with lighter fruits such as pineapples, green grapes, and melon. Chocolate is another great food to serve at a wine tasting party.

Do Napa wineries have dress codes?

Since Napa Valley is an agricultural area, comfort is a top consideration even when visiting the vineyards and wineries. Although there is no specific dress code when visiting Napa, dressing there is generally “casual” and “business casual.” Locals tend to dress casually, but visitors may want to dress up a bit more.

Can you wear shorts to wine tasting?

Nice jeans are totally acceptable in my opinion, as are slacks or any other dress pant. Obviously if it’s ten billion degrees out on the day of your wine excursion, pants won’t sound appealing. Shorts are totally fine, too, but with my aforementioned shoe choice, dress shoes and shorts can potentially not get along.

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What do you wear to a winery when it’s cold?

Don a flowy sundress or maxi dress to keep you cool all day. Bring the casual-cool to any winery with a jean skirt layered over with a patterned shirt and a vest. Sandals or wedges should prevent sinking into the dirt or grass as you stroll through the vineyards.

What do you wear to a wine tour in the winter?

The dress

Go for the lamp-shading trend to pair your over-the-knee boots with a long-knit attire. Wear a suede or leather mini-skirt underneath if the skirt is too short. You can also consider a patterned maxi dress for a bohemian vibe that you can wear regardless of the season.